Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one-on-one interaction between an executive or manager and an external facilitator. The process includes comprehensive assessment and facilitation that serves to enhance self-understanding and explore possible changes which will facilitate professional and personal development. The purpose is to improve managerial skills.
There are two types of coaching: one is the "fix-it" situation where someone needs to do something better or to stop doing something; the second is coaching to develop or improve skills. Coaching is results-oriented.
The identification of themes can reflect the strengths and developmental needs. The strengths can be used to leverage the developmental needs. Action planning utilizes those patterns to move forward in developmental growth.
Although one is well trained in a specialty like engineering or marketing, being promoted to a position of authority over people can be overwhelming. Without "people" skills in the tool box, one can resort to an autocratic or counterproductive style that interferes with teamwork or project success.  Coaching is a process where the relationship formed between the coach and the coachee, along with the assessment data, can provide both a supportive and challenging environment. This enables the participant to learn skills that make him or her a better manager or leader.
Affirmative Alternatives Executive Coaching
Successful executives must deliver a current performance profile which indicates their potential as high-impact future leaders who are capable of continuously transforming their organization to keep pace with tomorrow's market conditions.
After compiling an exceptional performance profile with one organization, an experienced executive's performance may suffer in the uncertain dynamics of a new organization and integrating into a new executive team.
Faced with issues of sustaining high levels of performance from their executives or with problems of integrating executives into new positions, many companies utilize executive coaching services to provide professional, external guidance.
Optimizing current executive performance to meet future business needs and successfully transitioning valued executives into new performance requirements are the strategic benefits of the Affirmative Alternatives Executive Coaching Program.
The most valuable executive coaching service is able to provide the impact of traditional management consulting techniques for scientific measurement of executive performance plus experienced personal counseling for personality and life/work issues.
Our program has been designed to leverage the extensive executive performance assessment experience and the personal counseling expertise of the Affirmative Alternatives staff.
Available at reasonable cost and scheduled with the flexibility to meet the demand of today's globally engaged executives, our program will enable clients to develop executive performance which will positively impact the bottom line and will be a cultural plus for attracting and retaining other valuable personnel.